Simon Ernst

solves big problems, with small scripts.

Simplicity is at the heart of everything I do. If you are a developer, you know how complex the average deployment system is. Mine looks like this:

> ./


echo Deploying...
git archive -o bundle.tgz HEAD &&
scp -q bundle.tgz $TARGET_HOST:/tmp/ &&
rm bundle.tgz &&
ssh $TARGET_HOST 'bash -s' <<ENDSSH
  mkdir -p $TARGET_DIR && rm -rf $TARGET_DIR/*
  tar xfzo /tmp/bundle.tgz -C $TARGET_DIR
  rm /tmp/bundle.tgz
echo Done.

Modern operating systems come with a variety of tools and scripting languages pre-installed. There is no need for expensive and resource hungry third party software. It’s just a matter of combining what is already there.

I’m Simon Ernst, a freelance software developer, tinkerer and pragmatic minimalist, based in Hamburg, Germany.