Silverware Tools for macOS.

This is an easy to use package that contains everything you need to work with the excellent Silverware micro quadcopter firmware on macOS.


Latest version - 1.0.1 - December 9, 2018

How to use

1. Compiler

When you first run the Compiler, it will ask you to install Docker, and optionally offer to download Silverware NFE for you.
It will then proceed to download the ARM compiler and create a Docker container for it.
This will only happen once.

After compilation, the firmware file (silverware.hex) will be in the same directory as the Compiler tool.

1.1. Modifying Silverware

The main file you want to edit is probably NFE_Silverware/Silverware/src/config.h
I recommend CotEditor for editing.

When you are done, run the Compiler tool again.

2. Unlocker

Use this tool to unlock the chip on your flight controller.
You only need to do this once.

3. Flasher

Simply drop a firmware file onto the Flasher tool. It will be automatically written to the chip.

4. Fly!

You’re done.

5. (optional) Viewer

If you have tuned your PIDs using the stick gestures, you can use the Viewer tool to read your saved PIDs from the flight controller.