Silver Surfer

What’s this?

Silver Surfer is a racing configuration for the Silverware quadcopter firmware. It targets “Whoop”-style brushed micros.

On the shoulders of giants

Silver Surfer wouldn’t be possible without these awesome individuals:



You need a Silverware compatible flight controller. I recommend the BetaFPV Lite, as its size and mounting pattern fits most existing parts.

Silver Surfer is tuned to the following hardware:

The closer to these numbers you are, the better your experience with Silver Surfer will be.


Attention! The latest version comes with reversed motor direction! Props are spinning outward. Whoops need clean air too!


General hardware setup instructions are here. In the example a Macbook is used, but the hardware part is the same on all systems.


I build a set of tools that make it very easy to work with Silverware on macOS.
They are here.


Official Silverware Windows instructions.


Official Silverware Linux instructions.